Effective current approaches in anti-aging medicine and gerontology in the context of the global pandemic
We regret to inform you that due to the difficult situation with Covid-19, we have to postpone the International Symposium of Experts from 26-27 November 2021 to the next year.

Thank you for your understanding. We hope to see you next year
The Annual International Symposium of Experts in aging "Effective Current Approaches in Anti-Aging Medicine and Gerontology in the Context of the Global Pandemic" will be held on November 26 - 27, 2021 in Kemer, Turkey.

The global pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus has caused a new formation not only in the social and medical areas, but also in basic research on aging processes.

The process of global aging of the Earth population against the background of the pandemic dictates the necessity of interdisciplinary cooperation of specialists in various areas of medicine in order to find new technologies for improving the reserve capabilities of the human body not only for viral but also for age-related diseases.
During the symposium, there will be two days exhibition of manufacturers and distributors (Great Britain, Italy, Russia, etc.) of active longevity medicine products.

The Annual Symposiums of Experts "Effective Current Approaches in Anti-Aging Medicine and Gerontology" are the most important international scientific events, which allow to adapt the results of basic research in the area of gerontology to clinical practice and develop the most important practical science-proven ways for healthy longevity of the world population.

This year the symposium will widen the topics of the reports, paying special attention to the means of treatment and prevention of COVID-19, emphasizing the features of the disease progression and rehabilitation in elderly age groups. In their reports the scientists will cover the latest achievements in the basic research of aging processes against the background of the global pandemic and ways of treatment.
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